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Our females

  26th july 2005 we brought home the female of West Highland White Terrier  Barbie White Gorgeous, our darling  

 " Berdi ", the founder of our kennel.   

 10/10/2006  The kennel "LITTLE SOULMATE" was brought into register


 Leila Little Soulmate

 Junior champion of Slovakia
 Junior champion of Czech republic
 Junior champion  KCHMPP

             Pedigree Leila


         Bow Star West (Out of breeding )                          

     Champion of Czech republic
     Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Croatia
Junior Club champion KCHT
Junior champion of Czech republic

    Aspirant for Championship of Poland
Aspirant for Interchampionship
                                                              Aspirant for 
Slovakian Grandchampion 
Pedigree of Bow                                  
                                                         youth winner(CZ)
                                                                 II BIS Junior (CZ)
                                                                 II BIS Junior (CZ)
                                                                Best Junior ( PL)
                                                                1x CWC ( PL)
                                                                CAJC ( SK)
                                                                2x CAC (SK)
                                                                3x res.CAC (SK)
                                                                1x res.CAC (CZ)
                                                                2x CACIB
                                                                3x res.CACIB
                                                                1x  CC

       Aura Little Soulmate  (Out of breeding )
Champion of Croatia
Champion of BiH
      Aspirant for Championship of Poland
      Aspirant for Interchampionship
      Regional winner
      3rd place WHW Terrier KCHT category "Beauty" 2008
      6th place WHW Terrier KCHT category "Beauty" 2009
Pedigree of Aura                        3x VV 1 (CZ,SK),  II BIS Puppy (CZ)
                                                              3x youth regional winner (CZ),  III BIS    youth female (CZ)
                                                              2x Res. CAC  (CZ)
                                                              2x CAC, 2x BOB, III. BOG ( BIH )
                                                              2x CWC ( PL )    1x BOS ( PL ) 
                                                              5x CAC  ( Croatia )
                                                              2x CACIB
                                                             1x res. CACIB

           Barbie White Gorgeous:  (Out of breeding )
          youth regional winner (CZ)
          III BIS youth female    (CZ)



             Pedigree of Birdie