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  The Kennel of West Highland White Terrier


              December 2018  Photos

                November 2018  Photos

                October 2018    Photos

                September 2018    Photos

           The Šumava Mountains 2018      Photos

              August 2018          Having a bath in the Moravice River

                   July 2018     Photos

             26 /05/ 2018  Jeseníky Mountains   Photos

           It is Berdi´s birthday. She is 13 years old. Happy Birthday, Berdi!

                                April  2018   Photos

                                   All the puppies are at their new homes

               17/02/2018      New puppies were born - litter R : Ringo, Rusty, Rafael, Rondo

                                                  February  Photos

January  Photos    

  13/01/ 2018 National show Brno / CZ     judge   Robert Kubeš        

                                            Quaery Little Soulmate     VP 1


             29/12/2017   December   - Photos

                 04/11/2017 The  Jeseníky Mountains  Photos

                  29/10/2017        October        Photos

               30/09/2017       The  Jeseníky Mountains  -  Photos

                           30/09/2017       The  Jeseníky Mountains  -  Photos

                               28/07/2017 new puppies were born in our kennel.

                                                 pedigree          New     Photos


                        August 2017 -  The  Jeseníky Mountains - Photos


                    The Šumava Mountains       Photos

                                                            July 2017   Photos

June 2017   Photos

           It is 12th Berdi ´s birthday today and she still enjoys her life. Happy birthday!

                                              May 2017      Photos

                                                April 2017     Photos

                                                  March 2017     Photos

02/04/2017  CAC Barje(Slo) - Noeli Little Soulmate - Ex 1, CAC

Congrats to owners Damjana & Vedran

                              January 2017       Photos

                                            December 2016     Photo

                                                      Autumn 2016     Photo

 06/11/ 2016 CACIB Bratislava / SK     judge   Tibor Havelka  / SK        

                       Leila Little Soulmate     Ex1, CAC         Foto   Video

 15/10/ 2016 ClubShow KCHMPP - M.Boleslav / CZ                               Video

                       Leila Little Soulmate                     Ex1, CAC 

                       Aura Little Soulmate                     Ex1, BOV


             Photos from our Holidays ...Beskydy, Jeseníky Mountains & others  Photo

  20/08/ 2016 ClubShow KCHMPP - Přerov / CZ      Photos      Video

                       Leila Little Soulmate                     Ex1, CAC 

                       Aura Little Soulmate                     Ex1, BOV

   21/07/2016    Jeseníky Mountains - Photos


      Our Holiday in the Šumava Mountains.   Photos


              25/06/ 2016 ClubShow KCHMPP - M.Boleslav / CZ       Photos      Video

                       Leila Little Soulmate                     Ex1, CAC 

                       Aura Little Soulmate                     Ex1, BOV

                   Leila has finished  Czech junior champion

               11- 12/06/ 2016    CACIB  Bled / Slovenia         Photos

   Leila Little Soulmate Ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB     &    Ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


            07 - 08/05/ 2016    CAC  &  CACIB  Lučenec / SK          Photos       2x Video

              Leila Little Soulmate Ex 1, CAJC, Slovakian Junior Winner   & Ex 1, CAJC       

              Aura Little Soulmate  Ex 1 , Slovakian Veteran Winner   &  Ex 1

 Leila became Slovakian Junior Champion    &   Aura became Slovakian Veteran Champion


                   09/04/ 2016    CAC Ostrava               Photos        Video

                            Leila Little Soulmate   Ex 1, CAJC, BOJ, JBIG    

                            Aura Little Soulmate   Ex 1, BOV, II BIS Veteran

              March       Photos

              February   Photos

             06/02/ 2016    CACIB BRNO   

                                         Aura Little Soulmate   Ex 1, BOV    Photos   Video

Aura became Czech Veteran Champion

   17/01/ 2016    CACIB Nitra              Video


Leila Little Soulmate                                      Aura Little Soulmate
 Ex 1, CAJC                                                            Ex 1

                  09/01/ 2016      CAC Brno      Photos    Video

                                     Leila Little Soulmate   E2 

                                      Aura Little Soulmate   Ex1, BOV


             31/12/ 2015  New Year's Eve hiking   Photos

            28/12/ 2015  Highland   Photos

            12/12/ 2015 Christmas Regional Terrier Club Schow KCHT     Photos    Video

                                     Leila Little Soulmate   Excelent    

                                      Aura Little Soulmate   Ex1, CCV

            03/11/ 2015  Autumn Holiday  - Photos

                                October  Photos

            26/09/ 2015 Club show  KCHMPP -M.Boleslav/CZ  judge  Hana Vojáčková / CZ

           Leila Little Soulmate   Ex1,CAJC, BOJ    Photos    Video

         Aura Little Soulmate   Ex1, BOV

           19/09/2015 VWC Bytom / PL  judge Istvan Csik / D     Photos

                   Leila Little Soulmate   Ex1,Junior Winner, BOJ, BOB

            18/09/2015 September Photos

            01/08/ 2015 Club show  KCHMPP -Přerov/CZ  judge  Olga Dolejšová / CZ

                                        Leila Little Soulmate   VP1, III.BIS Puppy   Photo

                                              Leila Little Soulmate is playing

            06/06/2015 CACIB Nitra / SK - Judge Stanislav Bučko / SK    Photo     Video
Leila Little Soulmate - VP1 , II. BIS Puppy

             06/06/2015 CACIB Nitra / SK - Judge Kenneth Crocket / IE        Video
Leila Little Soulmate - VP1 , Grand Prix Slovakia Puppy Winner 2015


                 It is Berdi´s birthday. She is 10 years old. Happy birthday to you, Berdie!  


              It is Aura ´s birthday. She is 8 years old today. Happy birthday to you, Aura!


            09/04/2015 Regional terrier club show - Hlučín   Photos  Video

                                        Leila Little Soulmate - VP 1- BIS  Puppy

            26/04/2015  April  Photos

Leila Little Soulmate - 5 months

            29/03/2015  March      Photos

          14/03/2015  Regional dog show Vyškov- Leila Little Soulmate - VP 1-II.BIS Baby


           21/02/2015  February  Photos

           26/01/2015  Leila Little Soulmate - New member in our family.  Photos


Edward & Barbora


                                                      Edward & Aura´s children


               Junior champion of slovakia   
                Junior Club Winner KCHMPP


   Chillay obtained: CAJC, BOJ, BOB

  Christopher became

 Grand Junior champion of Ukrajina

                                                                                              BOJ, BOB, IV.BIG


                Faith , Dear Sophie  a Gulliver Little Soulmate  obtained coursing licence.





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