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  The Kennel of West Highland White Terrier

 News:   2020  June  Photos

 04/04/2020  The Only One Little Soulmate /Tadeas/ is at his new home .

    Photos                   Video


        Dam : Leila Little Soulmate                          Sire:  Westicon Highland Hunter


             2020/02/29  The Beskydy Mountains    Photos

              2020  January      Photos


             11.1.2020  CAC Brno  - cl. Puppy  VP3

                   5. Leden 2020 -  The Beskydy  Mountains    Photos

             14.12.2019   Christmas Club Terrier Show  /  Prague

                               Be My Soulmate  - Puppy -VP2

             November 2019  -  Photos

                                      Be My Soulmate - 5 months old

         October 2019  - Photos

                                Be My Soulmate     Photos

           NOVOHRADSKÉ HORY   Photos

             May & June 2019 - Photos

            15/03/2019     Litter " S "   

Photos                      Pedigree 

             Dam:  Leila Little Soulmate                                    Sire: Barney Happy Naux


            January 2019   -  Photos

              December 2018  Photos

                November 2018  Photos

                October 2018    Photos

                September 2018    Photos

           The Šumava Mountains 2018      Photos

              August 2018          Having a bath in the Moravice River

                   July 2018     Photos

             26 /05/ 2018  Jeseníky Mountains   Photos

           It is Berdi´s birthday. She is 13 years old. Happy Birthday, Berdi!

                                April  2018   Photos

                                   All the puppies are at their new homes

               17/02/2018      New puppies were born - litter R : Ringo, Rusty, Rafael, Rondo

                                                  February  Photos

January  Photos    

             29/12/2017   December   - Photos

                 04/11/2017 The  Jeseníky Mountains  Photos

                  29/10/2017        October        Photos

               30/09/2017       The  Jeseníky Mountains  -  Photos

                           30/09/2017       The  Jeseníky Mountains  -  Photos

                               28/07/2017 new puppies were born in our kennel.

                                                 pedigree          New     Photos


                        August 2017 -  The  Jeseníky Mountains - Photos


                    The Šumava Mountains       Photos

                                                            July 2017   Photos

June 2017   Photos

           It is 12th Berdi ´s birthday today and she still enjoys her life. Happy birthday!

                                              May 2017      Photos

                                                April 2017     Photos

                                                  March 2017     Photos

                              January 2017       Photos


Leila Little Soulmate - 5 months


Edward & Barbora


                                                      Edward & Aura´s children


               Junior champion of slovakia   
                Junior Club Winner KCHMPP


   Chillay obtained: CAJC, BOJ, BOB

  Christopher became

 Grand Junior champion of Ukrajina

                                                                                              BOJ, BOB, IV.BIG


                Faith , Dear Sophie  a Gulliver Little Soulmate  obtained coursing licence.





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